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November 8, 2014

What's wrong with 'Mix Language's?'

Assalamualaikum and Hi my lovelettos.

Apa khabar si kiut kiut sekalian? Dah basuh baju? Kalau belum lepas ni pegi basuh. Ok?

Harini hakak curicuri mase untuk menulis sebab semalam mimpi spidermeng buat sarang dekat blog hakak yang dah macam ape ni. Macam ape? Macam segala macam lah :(

I'm not someone who have a lot of times to make over my blog and this is it! Still with the lame's look :D
But no worries, as long as it is still me, everything gonna be ok! Herkk

Actually guys, I think that I'm gonna wrote about 'Mix Language'. What's wrong with mixed language? My lecturer doing it too! Okay sorry Madam Jett for reveal your word, he he (mati aku lepas ni!) Okay okay, back to big title, anyway certain people tend to 'eww eww eyaksss tuih tuih lah kauu'  when they saw people with their writings or talks like a 'rerojak'. You know what is rerojak? Actually me not too. Because the real word is 'rojak' not rerojak. It just me who is the queen of add-on. My god my god my god! What happen to me? Stop being add-on queen, girl. Ok I'm try (T_T).

And.... rerojak language is like, ''Hey Minah! Where are you going sensorang cemtu? Aku nak follow you, boleh or not?", said Munah kepada Minah. It's quite disaster here. But at least, Munah know how to pronounce the word at the right sentences. Get it? No?? Ok.

However, if we can see from the positive side, at least we still know how to talk with this language and that language. So, it is a big deal? As long as people can understand what are you gonna to say, It's okay then. Right? What? No?? Okay whatever on your mind. I don't care. Just please don't be like a typical person.

When a few anon comments on my few posted that I put a few mix language there, they are quickly about to bash me and I'm just like "what a typical duck here. Are you out of your mind? are you can mix your language like I do? For sure not because you are just a duck who know how to quekk quekk from the pond, you don't know how to talk with the cow and also with the tiger language, that's why you're easy to be ngappppp and lost from this world"

As we know from the news, now our Malaysia tend to face with a lot of foreign client. What happen if you just can say 'welcome to Malayzsia'. How is the rest question that they would asking you later? How is your answer then? I bet you will never can talk with their language trough a clear tongue.

Don't you think you are the most special person if you can talk/write in a many language? It's an honor if we can write in other languages such as Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, Russia and so on. Kang aku tulih gune bahase Morocco kang kau memaki. Campo bahase Mlayu ngan Mat Salleh pun nak kecoh. Poyo betul!

So, please. I have no problem with people who can mix their words well. As long as I can understand what they are trying to say, I'm okay with it. Trust me, I'm not a typical. I'm just act like a tropical which is have a cool side here.. yes here! Where? Here.. #deepinmyheart (tu diaaaaa..)

Dot !

-Thanks for reading my entry ! Please come again-


  1. Assalammualaikum, hey minah why so long not see ha ? bertapa ilmu apa. ^_*

    1. Waalaikumussalam cik pahh,haha. mmg such a long long longg time. Banyak khoje ler kite ni.. Tak cam dedulu time blajo.. blajo nye kurang, blogging nye lebih..kihkih. Awak sihatt? ;)


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