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October 12, 2013

Normal Life & Hurt To Life. Which One?


Hi peep peep peep's. How are you doing? I miss all the reader damn alot :(

A lil bit busy nowadays. A lot of things need to be settled. Many chaos has come up. It's tiring me badly. Have no time to spend for writing. It's really chaos.. chaos.. ugh really...... -____-'

I hope that there is something interesting to shared with you guys, but I think there's nothing interesting was happened here. Always have to pipe down my voice, just dig in with a lot of burden things in my head. It's stuck so hard -___-

And sometimes I got to lost idea who I am exactly? Yahhh damn stress.

It's better to live in a simple situation rather than live in a complicated situation. But... Life... it can be describes as a normal love and hurt to love. Normal love is actually a very hurt. Because you'll think you have a normal love without fight, quarrel and so on. You have no experience how to overcome any obstacles that will come over between your relationship. And at last you will end it with a bad injury in your heart. Huhh.. But guys, if we have a hurt to love, it is something like.... an antiseptic. You will hurt first, at the end you will found the antiseptic and you will treat it well and your love will be grow up better and more deeply. Same goes to weather have a normal life or have a hurt to life. Face it with sincerity.

I pray for a happiness to all people who wants a happiness moments in their life.

Dot !
-Thanks for reading my entry ! Please come again-

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