Shazwani Buddies

May 28, 2013

Fitting Room or Picture Room?


Hi there.

I feel like wanna be a 'fitting-girl' today. I'm hanging out with my younger sister at the market, and keep trying the clothes like a crazy girls. Ohh..

I shout at my sissy, ''oih! aku nak hamek gambor ni dalam fitting room. nak joinn?''. And my sister just keep laughing outside the fitting room. Damn her! haha.

She shout at me from outside, ''hey kakude! what the hell are you doing in there? ini fitting room kayh, not picture room. hahah'' . Siot statement that I ever hear. -_____-

I shout back at her, ''hoi!tak boleh ke kalau kadang-kadang aku nak jadi macam budak sweet18 and forever21?amek gambor dalam fitting room, toilet jamban, karoake box...camtu..haha''

Then we just keep shout and laugh at each other non-stop like a crazier until I'm come out from the room. haha

i laugh.. when i'm listen she laugh from outside the room. siot je! xD

I just wanna show you my outfit for today. Maybe it can give you a little bit of idea how to dressUP.

Thank you.

-Thanks for reading my entry ! Please come again-